Exciting News: Introducing the Casino Royale Wings

Greetings CABAL Online fans,

This exclusive costume is a masterpiece of elegance and charm, designed to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re attending a glamorous event or simply looking to add a touch of sophistication to your style, the Casino Royale Wing Costume is the perfect choice.

The Casino Royale Wing Costume will be available from November 09 ~ November 16. Grab yours while you can!

Casino Royale Wing Box
Price: 299 eCoins
Price x5: 1,495 eCoins

Open for a chance to receive:
[Wing Costume] Casino Royale
Anniversary Penetration Potion
Legendary Cube – Forgotten Temple B3F
Legendary Cube – Mirage Island (Awakened)
Happy Birthday Ring
Perfect Core (Highest)
Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
Superior Core (Highest)
Enhanced Core (Highest)
Perfect Core (High)
Enchant Safeguard (High)
Superior Core (High)
Enhanced Core (High)
Old Magic Book (Medium)
Mystery Cube (Rare)
Mysterious Magic Book (Rare)
Potion of Wing (2,500,000)
Chaos Core Set
Divine Stone Set
Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Master)
Extreme Core (Lv. 7)
Extreme Core (Lv. 8)
Extreme Core (Lv. 9)
Gold Repair Kit
Silver Repair Kit
Slot Extender (Highest)
Slot Extender (High)
Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) – Sword Skill Amp
Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) – Magic Skill Amp
Weapon Option Scroll (Highest) – Critical Rate
Divine Seal Stone(Highest):Suit+14
Divine Seal Stone(Highest):Gloves+14
Divine Seal Stone(Highest):Boots+14
Divine Seal Stone(Highest):Helmet+14
Chaos Seal Stone: Amulet +12
Chaos Seal Stone: Earring +12
Chaos Seal Stone: Bracelet +11

– Item expires on November 16th