The Deadly Blade Dancer, the Fastest Dual Sword User

“Bladers” are those who have mastered the “second form of force” that were inherited since the Nevareth Exodus. According to the Sage Tower, blader skills originate from a type of martial art that was practiced in an eastern country of the Lost Age, and the martial art was discovered and developed during the Honorable Age. The first generation of the 7 sages then developed the present form of blader skills.

Their practice is focused on maximizing physical abilities by using force, and they prioritize dazzling technique and speed over destructive power. In the beginning, they used various kinds of weapons, but they quickly realized that the best partners for their skills were dual swords, and settled with them. Since then, they use single or double bladed dual swords as their primary weapons, and wear light armor such as “Martial Suit Set” from the Huan continent for speed.

Just like the warriors, bladers have very limited understanding of force, and so mainly practice physical strength and agility more than studying the knowledge of force, which requires intelligence.

Experienced bladers are said to be able to create multiple doppelgangers by maximizing their agility, and to bring instant death to their enemies by summoning deadly Astral Weapons which are the results of their spiritual awakening in force.

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