Catacomb Frost

Dungeon được đặt trong Bloody Ice lạnh giá. Tìm kiếm kho báu trong hang động đóng băng và đánh bại kẻ thù không đội trời chung.

Entry Item: Frozen Clue
Drop location: Mutant Forest, Pontus Ferrum, Porta Inferno – all mobs
Level Requirement: 110
Dungeon time available: 25 mins
Title gained upon completion: not available
Title bonus: not available
Entry Location: Bloody Ice, the exact place is marked on the map:

Dungeon Points for finishing dungeon depends on level:
Easy: 1
Medium: 2
Hard: 3
Premium: 4

Honour Quest Plate: not available
Honour Quest Reward: not available
Honour Quest Target: not available
Number of pages from Book of honor required: not available
Honor Points gained after dungeon clear: 0

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