Cabal common abbreviations

This is a list of acronyms used on this website and also in the game. It is not an exhaustive list, but includes most commonly used abbreviations. It does not include general chat abbreviations (like LOL) but only includes words that refer to any aspect of the game and are often unrecognized. Sometimes an acronym can refer to more terms, like CR stands for both Limiting Circle and Critical Ratio. Sometimes a dungeon input item is also referenced in the dungeon itself. For example, SOD can be used for the Seal of Darkness, an item that leads into the dungeon, but can also be used for the dungeon itself, called Volcanic Citadel.

Categorized Abbreviations Alphabetical Order
WA Warrior AOD Art of Defense
BL Blader AOG Amulet of Guard
WI Wizard AOP Amulet of Pain
FA Force Archer AOS B1F Altar of Siena B1F
FS Force Shielder AOS B2F Altar of Siena B2F
FB Force Blader AP Ability Points
AXP Ability Experience
Maps BI Bloody Ice
BI Bloody Ice BL Blader
DS Desert Scream BM Battle Mode
GD Green Despair BOF Bracelet of Fighter
PL Port Lux BOS Bracelet of Sage
FR Fort Ruina CA Chaos Arena
FGR Forgotten Ruin CC Cabal Cash
UG Undead Ground CD Critical Damage
LS Lakeside CR Critical Rate
MF Mutant Forest CR Critical Ring
PF Pontus Ferrum crit Critical hit
PI Porta Inferno DB Deathblow
TG Tierra Gloriosa DEX Dexterity
DP Dungeon Points
Dungeons DS Desert Scream
LID Lake in Dusk EOD Epaulet of Dead
RS Ruina Station EOD Frozen Tower of Undead
EOD Frozen Tower of Undead EOD2 Frozen Tower of Undead 2
SOD Volcanic Citadel EOF Epaulet of Fighter
VC Volcanic Citadel EOG Epaulet of Guard
EOD2 Frozen Tower of Undead 2 EOS Epaulet of Sage
FT B1F Forgotten Temple B1F EOX Any type of Epaulet
FT B2F Forgotten Temple B2F EXP Regular experience
FI Forbidden Island FCL Force Core Low
AOS B1F Altar of Siena B1F FCM Force Core Medium
AOS B2F Altar of Siena B2F FGR Forgotten Ruin
IC1 Illusion Castle Underworld FCH Force Core High
IC2 Illusion Castle Radiant Hall FCHH Force Core Highest
MO Maquinas Outpost FI Forbidden Island
CA Chaos Arena FR Fort Ruina
FT B1F Forgotten Temple B1F
Items FT B2F Forgotten Temple B2F
UCL Upgrade Core Low GD Green Despair
UCM Upgrade Core Medium GS Greatsword
UCH Upgrade Core High HP Hitpoints
UCHH Upgrade Core Highest CH Channel
FCL Force Core Low IC1 Illusion Castle Underworld
FCM Force Core Medium IC2 Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
FCH Force Core High INT Intelligence
FCHH Force Core Highest LID Lake in Dusk
SEL Slot Extender Low LS Lakeside
SEM Slot Extender Medium MF Mutant Forest
SEH Slot Extender High MO Maquinas Outpost
SEHH Slot Extender Highest MP Mana / Mana points
EOF Epaulet of Fighter Pet EXP Pet Experience
EOS Epaulet of Sage PF Pontus Ferrum
EOG Epaulet of Guard PI Porta Inferno
EOX Any type of Epaulet PL Port Lux
AOP Amulet of Pain PM Private Message
AOG Amulet of Guard Pot Potion
CR Critical Ring ROF Ring of Fighter
ROL Ring of Luck ROL Ring of Luck
ROF Ring of Fighter ROS Ring of Sage
ROS Ring of Sage RS Ruina Station
BOF Bracelet of Fighter SEH Slot Extender High
BOS Bracelet of Sage SEHH Slot Extender Highest
EOD Epaulet of Dead SEL Slot Extender Low
SOD Seal Of Darkness SEM Slot Extender Medium
Skill EXP Skill Experience
Others SOD Seal Of Darkness
AOD Art of Defense SOD Volcanic Citadel
AP Ability Points SS Shadow Shield
AXP Ability Experience STR Strength
BM Battle Mode TG Tierra Gloriosa
CC Cabal Cash UCL Upgrade Core Low
CD Critical Damage UCM Upgrade Core Medium
CR Critical Rate UG Undead Ground
crit Critical hit UCH Upgrade Core High
DB Deathblow UCHH Upgrade Core Highest
DEX Dexterity VC Volcanic Citadel
DP Dungeon Points WA Warrior
EXP Regular experience WEXP War Experience
GS Greatsword WI Wizard
GS Greatsword WTB Want to buy
HP Hitpoints WTS Want to sell
CH Channel WTT Want to trade
CH Channel
INT Intelligence
MP Mana / Mana points
Pet EXP Pet Experience
PM Private Message
PM Private Message
Pot Potion
Skill EXP Skill Experience
SS Shadow Shield
STR Strength
WEXP War Experience
WTB Want to buy
WTS Want to sell
WTT Want to trade

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