Lake in Dusk – Mission Dungeons in Cabal online

There are two versions of this dungeon. Weak Lake in Dusk and Lake in Dusk. Obviously from the name, they are the same dungeon but Weak Lake in Dusk has adjusted hitpoins, damage, defense, and monster drop lists for lower level players. So you can experience the dungeon at lower levels and be ready to go into the dungeon when you reach level 65. Weak Lake in Dusk has been added along with 2 other dungeons (Weak Ruina Station and Weak Frozen Tower of Undead) when old D.T Cards (Dungeon Training Cards) have been removed from the game.

Weak Lake in Dusk

Entry Item: Copy of Map Part
Drop Location: Bloody Ice, Desert Scream and Green Despair
Level Requirement: 35 – 50
Dungeon time available: 60 mins
Title gained upon completion: Fascinated by Twilight
Title bonus: HP, MP
Entry Location: 4th warp door in First Warp Center (where you switch between GD, DS, BI)

In training dungeons there are no Dungeon Points earned when you complete the dungeon and no Honor Quests available (same applies to other 2 training dungeons)

Lake in Dusk

Entry Item: Map Part
Drop location: all mobs in Fort Ruina
Level Requirement: 65
Dungeon time available: 60 mins
Title gained upon completion: Ripplet of the Dusk Lake
Title bonus: Add. Damage
Entry Location: Green Despair, the same place where yo go to Mutant Forest. The place is marked on the map:

Dungeon Points for finishing the dungeon: 1
Honor Quest Plate: Level 1
Honor Quest Reward: 4000 Honor points
Honor Quest Target: Orcs
Number of pages from Book of honor required: 50
Honor Points gained after dungeon clear: 130

In this dungeon you can get very good EXP but only from the first mob you meet: “Orc”. The EXP you can get from them is higher than what you can get from other mobs. If you are in LID with the intention of gaining more EXP, I recommend killing all the mobs until you reach the frog. The time it takes for the “Orcs” to revive is 10 minutes, so you can do 5-6 rounds if you try. You can go as far as you want (kill bosses, farm mobs…) but when your dungeon timer gets close to the point they will respawn back to the beginning. It works similarly to Weak Lake in Dusk.

Video Guide:

All the comments you need are embedded in the video, so you can just sit and watch and you’ll have no trouble learning how to get through the dungeon. LID is really simple. It is divided into several areas, and in each area there is a boss who guards the path. If you can kill the boss, the gate blocking your progress will fall and the next area will be opened to you.

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