New Attire for your Hero?

Greetings CABAL Fans!

We’re aware of your eager anticipation for expanding your Dark Mage wardrobe, and as a result, we’re introducing a limited-time collection of Dark Mage armor-inspired outfits. We believe you’ll relish combining these fashionable garments with your most formidable gear.

You can access this array of Armor Suits from November 9 to November 16

[Costume] Archridium Headpiece (DM): 799 eCoins
[Costume] Archridium Suit (DM): 1,499 eCoins
[Costume] Demonite Headpiece (DM): 799 eCoins
[Costume] Demonite Suit (DM): 1,499 eCoins
[Costume] Forcium Headpiece (DM): 799 eCoins
[Costume] Forcium Suit (DM): 1,499 eCoins
[Costume] Mystic Headpiece (DM): 799 eCoins
[Costume] Mystic Suit (DM): 1,499 eCoins
[Costume] Palladium Headpiece (DM): 799 eCoins
[Costume] Palladium Suit (DM): 1,499 eCoins