Character Classes cabal online

Warrior (WA) – Sword skills user

Blader (BL) – Sword skills user
Wizard (WI) – Magic skills user
Dark Mage – Magic skills user
Force Archer (FA) – Magic skills user
Force Shielder (FS) – Combined skills user, both sides are strong enough, but players prefer to build the character using sword skills. But this has probably changed now because after last update “Legacy of Darkness” items are dropping with craft “All Skill Amp.” (before this update it was possible to have only sword or only magic skills amplified) which means you can have both Magic and also Sword amped at one time. This is going to result into real class with combined use of magic and sword. This was not possible before because you could have your FS as magic build or sword build and you were most effective in using that particular skills that you chose with your euipment.
Force Blader (FB) – Should be combined class, but sword skills are much stronger so everyone builds their characters in sword style. As i mentioned when writing about FS, with new possibility to use “All Skill Amp.” we will probably have the chance to see FBs use their cannons or lances in fight. Already had my first experience in Nation War, i happened to be in solo fight with another FB we unmoved each other, while i was waiting, he killed me with his cannons/lances. So we can expect new fighting styles from people…

If you are not sure which character would be the best for you, here I provide other specifications:

Melee Classes:
Warrior, Blader, Force Shielder, Force Blader

Ranged Classes:
Wizard, Force Archer

Force Archer, Force Shielder

Best Curses:
Force Blader

Best Damage Dealers:
Blader, Wizard, Dark Mage

High Defense:
Force Shielder, Warrior

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