Thao tác phím và chuột cơ bản, nâng cao trong cabal

Basic controls are really simple: standard WASD or left mouse click for movement, left mouse click is also used to start conversation with NPC,  numbers for using skills, space for picking up drops from killed monsters and holding right mouse button to control camera view. Thats the basic you will ned for regular gameplay.  But apart from this Cabal Online has quite complex keybindings. You can adjust keybinding to suit you here: System Menu – Options – Keybindings. Here is video simply showing keybindings and shorcuts to work more efficiently with inventory. After video is the list of all controls & shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts from video:
Splitting stacks: Shift + Right Click
Quick Switch Equipment: Right Click on the item in inventory
Link Item: Ctrl + Right Click
Multiple Buying: Alt + Left Click
Quick Selling: Ctrl + Left Click (works also for moving items from Inventory to Storage)
Pick up: Space
Moving to next tab: Shift + Left Click

Left mouse click – move to the place where you clicked
W – move forward
S – walk backward
A – turn left slowly while standing
D – turn right slowly while standing
Q – move left
E – move right

Movement Combinations:
A + Arrow left – turn left fast while standing
D + Arrow right – turn right fast while standing
W + A – turn left fast while moving
W + D – turn right fast while moving
S + A – turn left fast while walking backward
S + D – turn right fast while walking backward
W + Q – move forward diagonally to left
W + E – move forward diagonally to right
S + Q – walk backward diagonally to left
S + E – walk backward diagonally to right
Q + A – move left while turning left
Q + D – move left while turning right
E + A – move right while turning left
E + D – move right while turning right

Camera movement

Right mouse hold – drag while holding and you will change camera angle and position
Scroll wheel up – move camera closer to character
Scroll wheel down – move camera further from character
Arrow up – move camera up
Arrow down – move camera down
Arrow left – move camera slowly counterclockwise around your character
Arrow right – move camera slowly clockwise around your character
Page Down – cycle through 3 types of camera view – Free, Chase and Quarter view

Info: You can turn camera around your character by touching the edge of screen with mouse. Can be turned ON/OFF in System menu – Options – Game – Camera – “Rotate Camera by touch the frame by mouse”

Window open/close
T – Quest window
Y – Mercenaries window
U – Soul ability window
I – Inventory, Equipment & Pet window
Esc / O – System menu; change server, channel or character; access Options menu (Esc can be prevented from opening System menu by unticking System menu – Options – Game – etc. – “Use Esc to open System menu” – which is good when you do retargeting in your Battle Mode)
P – Search party window; register new party or join existing party
F – Craft window
G – Guild window; from here you can access Guild menu
H – In game help
J – Jukebox
K – Skill window
L – Mail Box
X – Open temporary inventory (will open only when you have any items in it)
C – Character & Titles window
B – Buddy window; allows to acces Blocklist (same for Guild window)
M – Map & Warp window
Tab – display Map & Warp window while pressed
Ctrl + R – Benefit information window
By default these 3 windows are not keybound: Options window, Cash Shop, Cash Item Inventory, you can set them if you want.

Nation War
Z or Middle mouse button – auto select enemy, works also in world maps and dungeons
N – remote shop
V – member list
R – repair force tower

Other keybindings

Space – pick up items (or left click with your mouse on the item on the ground)
F1 – Select Quick Slot Set 1
F2 – Select Quick Slot Set 2
F3 – Select Quick Slot Set 3
F4 – Select Quick Slot Set 4
Ctrl + Scroll up – Higher Quick Slot Set
Ctrl + Scroll down – Lower Quick Slot Set
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= – Use skills assigned to Quick slots (bottom row)
Alt + 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,-,= – Use skill assigned to Expanded quick slots (top row)
Scroll Lock – Hide/Show Interface; first pressing hides all interface; second pressing hides even your character – so only the environment is visible but you can move normally, (which is great for making representative videos when you dont want your character to be visible – see the pictures on the bottom of this page for difference); third pressing makes visible everything again
Ctrl + U – Show Framerate
Print Screen – Screen Shot
Ctrl + V – Show all names temporarily (if you had some or all turned off)
Ctrl + D – Show skill animation – you dont need to have a target to cast skills; for showing off your skill
, – Pause dungeon
Ctrl + F – Forced Player kill start/stop
Ctrl + F1 to F10 – Say predefined macro to the chat. You can redefine macros in System menu – Option – Macro
F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10 – select other party members; F5 is for selecting first, F10 is for selecting sixth

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