Gragonium Cabal update III

Force Wing New Transcendence Grade

Holia Treestie
Sky City above the clouds

The Heroes and Force Gunner ‘Long’, who suppressed the Wind Sprit King, reached the top of the World Tree.

self-proclaimed ruler of the skies, who vanished with a cryptic message: “Come higher”.

Following Hix’s vanishing point

expectations of boundless open skies were replaced

them awestruck.

The pristine white city concealed

Wing, obtained from Holy Keldrasil

Questions swirled in thir minds

Force Wings reach such heights?

Dungeon Name
Holia Tresstie
Port Lux (X:23 Y:25)
Lv. 190+, BSLV. 11+
Entry Item
Mystical Feather
Dungeon Info
Pass through the branches of the World Tree to reach a city floating in the sky.
Acquire ‘Essence of Wing(Epic)’, a growth material for the Force Wing Epic grade.
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