Lv 200 Character Purchase Guide

Lvl 200 Character Purchase Guide

To purchase a Lvl 200 Character, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the Item shop icon when you login.

Step 2: Open the menus and click on the Characters menu.

Please Note: The purchased characters will be received in the server designated in the menu. For example, If you are logged into Mercury, and purchase a Character from the Venus menu, that character can be found in the Venus Server. This does not apply to NA Service, since there is only the Titan Server.

Step 3: After opening the character menu, please select which class you wish to purchase. Make sure you read the class description and click the box below. By clicking this box you are agreeing that you understand there will be no refund processed after the character has been purchased.

Please Note: No transaction will be processed unless the box is checked..

Step 4: Go to the character select screen in the server designated by the character you just purchased.

Step 5: Enter the game with your newly purchased character, and open the Item Shop.

Step 6: Open the Lvl 200 Character Gear menu. In this menu, please choose the gear for the same class you purchased, and add it to your cart.

Step 7: Open the Lvl 200 Character Accessories menu. In this menu you have three items. The General Accessories need to be purchased by all classes. The Sage Accessories need to be purchased by Wizards, Force Archers, and Force Gunners. The Fighter Accessories need to be purchased by Warriors, Bladers, Force Shielders, Force Bladers, and Gladiators.

Step 8: Add the General Accessories and either the Fighter or Sage Accessories in your cart.

Step 9: Access your cart in the Item Shop. Please check that you have the correct gear and accessories for the class you purchased. Once you have the correct items, please check out and purchase the items.

Step 10: Once purchase is complete, please exit the Item Shop and Open your Cash Inventory. Here you will find all the gear, and Accessories you have just purchased. Receive all to place the items in your character’s inventory.

Step 11: Whether you are a new player or a veteran coming back into the game, now that you have your Lvl 200 character, gear and accessories you are now ready to experience all that Nevareth has to offer!