Steampunk It’s Back and Waiting for You!

Greetings, Nevarethians,

Dive into an alternate world where steam-powered wonders and Victorian elegance collide. The Steampunk collection is a testament to innovation and style, offering a look that’s both vintage and futuristic.

Don’t miss the train and get left at the station, the Steampunk Costumes will be available from September 7 until September 13.

[Costume] Steampunk Look: 13,700 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk Mask: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Blade: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Chakram: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Crystal: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Daikatana: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Great Sword: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Katana: 6,750 eCoins
[Costume] Steampunk – Orb: 6,750 eCoins
[Vehicle Costume] Steampunk Replica: 13,700 eCoins