Frozen Tower of Undead B2F – Mission Dungeons in Cabal online

A dungeon that is not about high damage, but about the balance of damage and defense and tactics, at least until a certain level is reached.

If you went in PT, always stay together and try not to die, because it is not easy to go after your teammates when they are already far away.

The entrance is in the middle of Undead Ground, if you have the required level and entry, all you need is a good amount of HP pot and SP and you can start the two-hour kill.

1. If you are inside, click on the tombstone shown in the picture.2. And here is another tombstone, click again.3. Go straight ahead until you reach the first Death Flower Queen, go past it and hit it by turning back, so you hit most of the Death Fangs attacking you with the Flower, so the vampire stuff works better, which are essential items for the dungeon.4. If the first direction has fallen, hit the second, the method is the same, turn around and hit it.5. If the second one has also fallen, the Teeth will disappear for 20 minutes and you can continue, click on the tombstone.6. When you get to the first room, hit the mobs.7. The first Boss will appear soon: Ekzane8. You have the first Boss direction the second, in the next room click on the tombstone.9. Pull the Zombie back to the place shown in the picture so that the Death Flowers cannot reach it.10. The 2nd Boss is ready to continue, click on the sword shown in the picture.

The order of the answers: 1; 1; 1; 1; 2; 3; 1;11. Now go back to the first room and knock out the gate, so if someone dies on the way you can move faster.12. You can continue, click on the corpse.

The order of the answers: 1; 2; 1;13. Now, click on an object on the left side of the gate.14. Don’t go further from the gate a little back and wait for the boss.15. Arban Raikette won’t wait long, shoot him down with the mobs that come with him.16. When you are ready, you can continue to the gate, do not try to open it, it will open by itself, you just have to wait.17. Go through the gate, but don’t go into the hall, stand in the place shown in the picture and take out the mobs.18. Fellins Luerow, the next boss will come out on his own if someone doesn’t pull him out.19. If there is, one member of the PT should stand in the place shown in the picture.20. The others can go in and kill the Phantom Archer.21. As soon as he dies, Cruel Bat will appear, which must be killed immediately, because it takes 2 seconds and disappears, if you don’t succeed, then the troll quest has jumped and 9 chests with it. So it’s worth watching.22. Once you have it, go through the gate back to the previous corridor.23. Click on the coffin.24. The first vampire appears in the company of some mobs, finish him off.25. Let’s go to the room where you took down the Bat and click on the coffin.26. The second vampire is also here, kill him too.27. You can come to the next room, stand in the place shown in the picture so that Perzen Bhha’s assistants die with him.28. Click on the object on the left side of the gate.29.Stand in the place shown in the picture, so you can hit all the mobs that appear together.30. Two more vampires and a Bloody Lady appear, kill them all.31. Now the main vampire can come, click on the coffin and it will appear.32. Zatelleran is a bit stronger than his predecessors, but not dangerous.33. Click on the chest in the picture next to the coffin for 3000 honor.34. Well, the mobs and bosses get stronger from here on. Click on the object to the right of the gate.35. Let’s enter the room and stand in front of the flag, so the vampire will work well again. A Phantom Watcher will appear soon, if you’re in PT someone take him down quickly and then you’ll escape the next wave of mobs, but if you’re in front of the flag it’s no problem if they come because you’ll hit them all at the same time, so they won’t cause any problems.36. If Verzen has also slept, the mirror quest and the ghosts can come. In PT both at the same time, in solo only in line XD. So, in the mirror quest: Verzen’s room, click on the objects shown in the picture, first on the right and then on the left.37. Now back almost to the 2nd boss room, there will be a mirror on the wall, click on it.38. Continue forward and click on the second mirror.39. The third and last mirror can be found in the main vampire’s room, click on it as well.40. The ghosts may come, the other PT members should go back to the previous room and the dance may continue until you finish. A little SP can’t hurt. Ghosts are better to be pulled by one person. Click on the tombstone in the picture.41. Enter the corridor and click on the object shown in the picture.42.Ghosts appear, the goal is to kill the three colored ones. If you are strong enough, you can kill them where they appear, if you don’t pull them out in front of the gate and kill them there.43. As soon as the first one falls, the gate closes and another batch of ghosts appears. Kick the gate and take out all the ghosts.44. The dance is over, let’s move on everyone. Click again on the object shown in the picture, some of the ghosts disappear and the gate opens.45. In the next room, a lot of mobs are waiting for you, kill them all quickly because the next boss will appear soon. Focus on the more dangerous books.46. ​​And here is also Jumar Carbo.47. When you are done, click on the tombstone shown in the picture and you can continue.

The order of the answers: 1; 2; 3; 1;48. In the next room, you need a quick kill again, the boss won’t wait long here either. First, stand in the place shown in the picture.49. Now in front of the well, so the knights can’t hurt you from afar.50. If you have it, you can have a little dance again while Andreas comes.51. When someone appears, drag them to the place shown in the picture.52. Now the mobs can’t hit from afar either, you can kill Andreas.53. That’s it, now click on the well.

The order of the answers: 1; 1; 2; 1;54. Now click on the body care set shown in the picture.

The order of the answers: 1; 1; 4; 1;55. Finally, line up in front of the gate and click on the object shown in the picture. If there is a FS in the team, an SS can’t hurt, because the corridor is a trap, if you don’t get through it in time, it will end in death.56. Whoever moves first clicks on the object shown in the picture, thus gaining a little time for the others because the trap will turn off for a while. The cleaning can come, kill all the mobs in the corridor and the gate will open.57. In the next room, you can meet the first figure of our favorite Boss. BM2 can be used at a lower level and with low def, because it already hits properly.58. As soon as it’s over, run back because mobs are coming. Kill them all.59. When the 3rd team appears, go to the place shown in the picture and kill the Death Prime Knight.60. The boss is already coming, only now in several forms, only one of which is real, if it falls, the others disappear. A SS can’t hurt here either, if you have someone to give it to, because if they all hit at the same time, it will be visible on the HP.61. Then Killian appears in his final form and 2 Prime Knights. Finish off the Knights first, because together with the boss they can be dangerous.62. BM2 can go, kill Killian. If you can do without BM2, it’s still worth pressing in, because you can save a lot of time with it.63. Don’t forget to pick up the spirit stone because it starts the Honor quest. One of the PT members (or even several) should turn back and kill the mobs that have revived in the meantime, then wait for someone to start the Honor quest in Andreas’ room. If you do it solo, you can only get back here through the trap corridor.64. Click on the coffin.65. Then also on the coffin placed in front of the wall. If you have it, you will be in a passage where you can choose between 3 gates.66. No one should step on the stone in the middle because it will immediately throw everyone out.67. Choose the gate on the left, this will take you back to Verzen’s room and from there to Andreas’ room.68. Click on the body care set again to start the Honor quest.69.Now those left in the corridor in front of the boss are coming. He clicked on the package on the ground, then on the corpse and finally on the package again.70. If you’re alone in the trap corridor, a BM can’t hurt because even if you can handle it, it could end in death due to a lagg.71. Click on the coffin again.72. Also for the one in the wall. This completes the Honor quest.73. Meanwhile, the others have already cleaned Jumar’s room, as this will be the location of the Troll kill in the last quest.74. When the room is clean, click on the body lotion and the first troll out of 8 will come. In PT, position yourself with the tank on one side and everyone else opposite, so the troll can only hit the tank. If the mobs are alive while you are killing them, the tank should keep hitting them, the others should finish off the mobs quickly, especially the knights, because together with the troll, the tank can already do a lot of damage.75. If you are alone, it does not hurt to stand in the place shown in the picture, so if you are alive, the mobs can only attack directly.76. Whenever the death of a troll approaches, someone should stand in front of the gate if you want to collect the well-deserved drop. You have to be quick and get out before the next troll comes. If this did not work, there is a gate in the place shown in the picture, which you can use to get back to the passage, and then back through the left gate. Don’t let the tank open the chests, because by the time it gets back, the other members of the PT may have already been hit by the troll.77. If the 8th troll has gone to bed, click on the body lotion again and the troll quest is complete.78. Go to the passage and click on the stone in the middle, which you have not been allowed to do so far.79. That’s the end of it, if you were lucky, every member of the PT became richer by a few kk XD.

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