Ruina Station – Mission Dungeons in Cabal online

There are two versions of these dungeons. Weak Ruina Station and Ruina Station, Obviously from the name, we are the same dungeon but Weak Ruina Station has adjusted hitpoins, damage, defense and monster drop list for lower level players. So you can experience the dungeon at a lower level and be ready to go into the dungeon when you reach level 75. Weak Ruina Station has been added along with 2 other dungeons (Weak Lake in Dusk and Weak Frozen Tower of Undead) when the old DT Cards (Dungeon Training cards) were removed from the game.

Weak Ruina Station

Entry Item: Copy of Muster Card: Ruina Station
Drop Location: Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair and Port Lux
Level Requirement: 45 – 60
Dungeon time available: 30 mins
Title gained upon completion: Visitor of Old Station
Title bonus: HP, HP Auto Heal
Entry Location: 4th warp door in First Warp Center (where you switch between GD, DS, BI)

In training dungeons there are no Dungeon Points earned when you complete the dungeon and no Honor Quests available (same applies to other 2 training dungeons)

Ruina Station

Entry Item: Muster Card: Ruina Station
Drop location: Auto-Cannon Ex, Auto Cannon Ex+, all mobs in Undead Ground
Level Requirement: 75
Dungeon time available: 30 mins
Title gained upon completion: Old Station Conductor
Title bonus: HP Auto Heal
Entry Location: Fort. Ruina, the exact place is marked on the map:

Dungeon Points for finishing dungeon: 1
Honour Quest Plate: Level 1
Honour Quest Reward: 4000 Honor points
Honour Quest Target: Invader Mechape
Number of pages from Book of honor required: 40
Honor Points gained after dungeon clear: 150

This is the second dungeon you will be able to enter as you progress through the game. If I say you can get good EXP in LID then you will get great EXP in Ruina Station. But you need to be able to go to Invader Mechbuffalos + and unleash your skills on them. I recommend having some nice skills with large damage areas so you can hit many of them at once. If you have some damage and some defense and you’re still around level 80, you can get 1-2 levels per run (30 minutes, LID has 60 minutes). So I recommend you bring someone to the party, get to Mechbuffallos as fast as you can, and stay there until the time in the dungeon runs out. Even if it means not completing the dungeon. As far as I remember with Ruina Station, it is very easy to reach level 100. After level 100, it is better to get EXP in EOD, because EXP from dungeons will be lower as you level up and also the amount of EXP needed to get to the next level is increasing. If you scroll down a bit you will find a video tutorial: how to farm exp on Mechbuffalos+.



When you level up to Ruina Station here, you may find some inspiration. Use your spear to kill 2 statues at once. Killing more statues will not spawn another Mechbuffalos + (if each monster spawns 2 Mechbuffalos then the maximum is 32 Mechbuffalos + at once). If you kill a statue that spawns 2 Mechbuffalos+ and exactly those Mechbuffalos+ spawned by that tower are still alive, then the tower will not spawn another Mechbuffalos+. You then need to wait 60 seconds before the statue reappears, and only once you’ve killed those + Mechbuffalos will the tower spawn new + Mechbuffalos.
So, before killing the statues, make sure you haven’t left Mechbuffalos + with half Hitpoints, but have most of them killed so you can get new statues.

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